Monday, January 4, 2016


Today, I just had to dream. Honestly. I went to bed at noon because I felt compelled to make some sort of addition to my dream journal.


Rama and Sita Dream

-Rama, the virtuous king in Hindu scripture and seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was betrothed to someone other than his rightful wife, Sita
-we were in a very beautiful open concept palace, with tropical gardens inside and everywhere you looked
-the flooring and pillars were made of white marble, but I don’t recall a roof on the place
-Rama was supposed to marry me
-I loved him very much, but when Sita came into the picture, I knew that she was the one he must marry
-I went to the bedroom, knowing that’s where the two were
-a very small part of me thought, out of fear, that I would prove Sita less pure than the gods had proven her, but a more enlightened part of me hoped this was not the case
-I opened the door to find the couple on the floor in the corner of the room
-Sita was in Rama’s arms, weeping uncontrollably that she should not marry him
-I told them I wanted for the two to be wed. This was entirely true
-as I sat in another room to prepare for the intimate wedding, I felt completely at peace with myself
-I was overcome to see the beautiful couple together
-I felt such joy and Love, knowing that I had carried out the will of the gods instead of fighting against it to achieve my own will
-this dream was a blessing

Oh, I am pathetic.

When there was no mail in our mailbox today, I checked my neighbour’s. I’m becoming just slightly neurotic, but I’ve been waiting oh so long for this letter.

I just Love being in Love!


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