Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Dream: Inspiration

-it is nighttime and wintertime, but it doesn’t feel cold outside
-Lawrence’s daughter Bess and I are running across that type of snow that’s icy across the top, so we don’t fall through
-Bess is ahead of me, wearing pink canvas shoes, a light orange shawl, and then another light blue shawl overtop
-I say to her, “You know how sometimes something gives you the greatest urge to paint? Well, you’ve just done that for me.”
-I run a bit to catch up to her, just to make sure she’s actually listening to me

It’s a funny thing; I miss my teddy bear—the one Lawrence gave me at the end of the school year. I should have brought it with me when I came to stay at Aunt Bay’s.

This afternoon I had an entire conversation with Lawrence’s wife before she said, “May I ask who’s speaking?”


I like having Aunt Bay’s house to myself… well, that’s not even true… but I don’t mind sharing it with two dogs. This way I don’t feel as crazy for talking to myself; I just pretend I’m talking to them.


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