Thursday, January 14, 2016


Dream: University

-I’m checking out universities and this one seems not only like a maze, but like a dank, dark castle
-I come to two doors: one says Toronto and the other says Western
-I walk in the one that says Toronto and it’s a terribly difficult climb up the stairs
-the stairway is curved very narrow

Today was a good day for breathing. Aunt Bay’s house is so relaxing.

Talked with Christie for three or four hours…

Talked with Lawrence for three or four minutes…

The question I needed to ask Christie was how I could support Lawrence, as his father deteriorates, without imposing. His father’s health is so much in decline, and Christie did such a great job of that when Ms. Pape’s father died. Furthermore, my Lawrence and Ms. Pape are so alike in the way they handle their emotions; both are stubborn as anything.

I’ve never been an emotional support before, but I feel that I am prepared; that I have undergone my initiation into that world. Christie says I have good instincts, and that’s encouraging.

Victoria didn’t seem as happy with me today as she had on Friday. Understandable. I’m still trying to figure out that shocked pause I was confronted with when I said, “It’s Giselle.”

Lawrence came on the line and said, “You called the second I got in the door… I just walked in the door this very second.”

He was almost stupefied, like a non-believer acting out the prophesy of some awful soothsayer. It meant nothing to me. I had been meditating for an hour before calling him (but with the phone in my hand all the while, of course.) It wasn’t a coincidence. I just knew.

He should get used to the presence of psychics in his life; there are plenty more to come.


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