Sunday, January 17, 2016


Dream: Morning or Night?

-on a big field of ice, people from school are filming a based-on-a-true-story made-for-T.V. movie
-we have to be sure to follow a reddish strip in the ice or else we could fall through
-at a break, I ask Ms. Pape what time it is and she says it’s 7:00
-A.M. or P.M? I ask her, but she gives me one of her “Oh boy, Giselle” looks, which I dismiss
-“Do you know?” I ask, and it’s clear that she doesn’t
-we look for the sun but it’s either too early or too late
-nobody’s watch can tell us if it’s morning or night, and I don’t know whether I’m tired or wide awake
-seems to me that somebody would remember if they’d just woken up or which meal they’d just eaten, but nobody remembers anything

Today, I was presented with a divine opportunity to learn things I otherwise would not have.

When hearing about the changes I was forced to make to my OAC timetable, others’ reactions were along the lines of, “Well, it’s too bad you can’t have what you want.”

Untrue! The choices I made concerning course selection were not based on what I wanted. They were based on what I thought I needed to ‘get ahead’ in life. In fact, all of my life decisions have been based on what that little ‘academic Giselle’ thought was best for me. As a result, I have missed out on many things I enjoy doing—painting being one of them.

Can you believe it? After all these years of hard-nosed academia, I’m going back to art!


I thank the Universe for this lesson in divine opportunities, and for helping me in identifying them when they arrive.


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