Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Dream: I Specifically Ordered the Non-Lucid Dream

-at a choir concert, but it’s only me, Patrick, and that girl with the red hair who was in love with David Duchovny. We were singing a song none of us knew, except at certain parts. Patrick didn’t want to stand between us because “Who wants to stand between two sirens?”
-I woke up (still in the dream) and it was 4:53. I thought, “I should make dinner, but I still want to sleep.” I could hear my uncle cutting the lawn and when I went out there he thought my dream journal was a camera
-I asked if the lawnmower was ours and he said, “Yes, it’s yours. Are you okay?”
-when I said, “I’m fine,” the man was now dad, and he left. That’s when I figured this had to be a dream
-Jane came up the hill with a white cat and I thought, “In these dreams, there is always the contrast of black and white”
-The cat was very sweet. She touched my face with her almost-human paw, but then brought out her claws. I removed her paw from my skin and said, “You’re going to hurt me.” She said sorry, that was not her intention, it was just a reflex. Then she did it again
-I grabbed her paw and didn’t let go, even though she was genuinely sorry

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