Friday, February 5, 2016


Dream: Finding the Proper Place

-Chester is at my school! He is given a room; perhaps he is teaching here for the day. I hope to meet up with him at some point
-I am in English class, which is interrupted when another teacher wishes to speak with Lawrence
-I am now in my bedroom, which is part of the school, and mum delivers to me an aesthetically pleasing stack of papers from Chester, which are intended to be used as stationary
-Lawrence is washing the floor with great care. This is more important to him than teaching a class, which makes my mother angry, and she tells him so. Leslie feels the same way, and it breaks my heart when she gives him a piece of her mind as well
-I tell him that I don’t agree with my mother and my sister
-I have trouble finding the proper place to be, and I keep moving around until I am seated near Lawrence, in the right place

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