Monday, February 8, 2016


Dream: Corpse

-I wake up in my room to see Leslie’s dead body at my window. I am devastated
-Leslie enters my room in the same attire as her corpse and I am so glad that her death was a mere trick my eyes were playing on me
-I look back at the window to see that Leslie’s dead form is still there. I look back at Leslie, who asks me, “Have you seen my body?”
-I point to the window and she returns to it

What a tease! How dare he show me such tenderness? How dare he share with me the warmth that no one else has ever allowed me, when every night he goes home to his wife? Does he show her the same affection? Assumedly so, although I don’t feel that to be true.

I want his company in every mundane activity. Could I live with him? Could I bear it? I feel that there is someone “out there” for me to meet right now. I must find him!


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