Sunday, February 14, 2016


Dream: The Pleasant Drug Dealer

-Leslie and I are walking home late at night
-a drug dealer comes into the house and starts hiding drugs all over
-Leslie is too scared to tell him he has the wrong house, so when he asks for his payment, I say very pleasantly, “You seem to have the wrong house. We didn’t order any drugs. The delivery isn’t meant for us.”
-“Oh,” he says. “I’m so sorry to have troubled you.” He takes some salmon out of the freezer and leaves

Watched “Stepmom” with my cousin. Big issues with that movie. Guilty, guilty, guilty conscience.

I’ve been having trouble digesting “other woman” movies lately. “Stepmom” isn’t even one, really, but it felt that way to me. Reminded me of Kennedy. Made me wonder about Victoria.

I do wonder about that woman, often.

The experts on Cityline say that any sort of affair (platonic included) indicates a troubled marriage.

What was Lawrence implying when he said home-wrecking “would require some longer-term goals”? Are you so confident that your trembling-on-the-brink-of-disastrous marriage can survive me in the short term?

I think I’m still trying to decide how destructive I am. It seems a shame to destroy such innocence in a man—it isn’t worth the conquest—and yet… I don’t know. If he weren’t so indecisive he could make up my mind for me.


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