Monday, February 29, 2016


Dream: Sex Kittens

-I have a rabbit and a cat in separate cages in my room. I decide to let them out
-I’m afraid the rabbit will scratch and bite, but to my great surprise—it doesn’t
-I decide to risk taking the kitten in the other cage out so I can bring both animals upstairs at once
-I’m afraid the two will fight, but they have no conflict with each other
-there is an overwhelming approval surrounding these animals’ release, and I am glad
-these animals are intelligent beings with individual personalities
-soon enough, I notice that we have another cat, but I’m not sure where the rabbit is
-when I look for it I find that the rabbit, who had certainly not wanted to offend but happened to prefer its cage, had returned there
-the animals must be hungry, so I feed the black and white cat a carrot, which it eats cautiously, not seeming to enjoy
-I realise, Oh yes! That’s right—cats prefer meat to carrots. Although… that rabbit might like a carrot
-sure enough, I have another cat on my hands, so I make up three plates of roast—yes, the good stuff—for my kittens and they are not disinterested

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