Saturday, February 27, 2016


Dream: Death of a Bitter Man

-started out at grandma’s place. We asked if we could sleep over, but we had to go home because we knew dad was planning to break into our house
-dark outside
-I went downstairs to my room and started packing a few things to take to grandma’s
-went upstairs as mum was coming down, and she said that dad had been here
-I asked, “Is he dead?”
-no reply
-I continued, “How did he die, mum? Tell me what happened. Did you kill him?”
-she said no, and that he came into her room “like usual” wearing some type of cologne, white something, and she pushed him and he landed on some metal thing with a pointed edge and died
-I didn’t really believe her story, but had no way of verifying because I never viewed the body
-I wanted to do the autopsy, but had no training
-mum left the house and came back with a neighbour. They both went upstairs to take a look at the body. I noticed Leslie coloring with markers and thought, since I wasn’t sad or mourning, I should do some painting later (as a form of self-expression)
-when the neighbour left I asked mum if we were going to grandma’s house now. She said yes, but she didn’t have my bag, so I went to quickly finish packing

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