Monday, February 1, 2016



-Leslie and I are out in the backyard
-I am delighted to find out that Chester lives in the house behind us. He and his daughter are in the backyard and he eagerly jumps over the fence when he sees me
-I greet him by giving him a hug, getting as close as I possibly can
-to my surprise, he takes control, lays me down on the ground, and kisses me very tenderly on the lips
-my initial reaction is to get away from Leslie and Chester’s daughter, but Chester doesn’t seem to have anything to hide from the girls
-we go inside the house and he makes it very clear that he wants me
-Great! This is perfect! I get exactly who and what I want and I don’t have to do any work for it!
-I lead him upstairs and my mother is there. She seems absolutely ecstatic for me and feeds me half a twenty dollar bill as birth control

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