Sunday, February 7, 2016


Dream: La Visite

-Christie and Lawrence and I have to find our way out of the school, which is a labyrinth. We’re being chased by “bad guys” and we all get separated
-I find my way out through a science lab window, and as I leave the school I meet up with Christie, whom I’m very glad and relieved to see. She hugs me and points me in Lawrence’s direction
-when I meet up with him, he asks if I want to come home with him and stay over. His house looks more like Aunt Bay’s
-we must be tired, because we both collapse onto the couch and watch TV. I hold on to his arm and then fall into a light sleep as he holds me
-I awaken when my family shows up at the door. Leslie told mum where I was and they all came over. Victoria and mum get along grandly
-Leslie and I go to the basement for green Jell-O, and we’re amazed that mum and Victoria can hear everything we say, no matter how softly we speak. Leslie asks where she can get a father like Lawrence, and I tell her, “You can have him.”
-Victoria responds in kind
-we make our way back to the couch and Lawrence gets up from a nap. There’s something about his groggy state that scares me and reminds me of my father
-Lawrence comes to lie down so I can hold him, and I’m terribly frightened that he’s going to smell like alcohol, but he doesn’t. He is pure. He goes back to sleep in my arms

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